Saturday, May 23, 2009


Just to keep everyone up to date on what Casey does & all her "1st", here is her 1st dance class. She had been going to class with me every once in a while & now she can go to her own class. The class is 45 min but she only stays as long as she wants to, anywhere from 5-30 min. I dont push her, she is just there for fun. Notice she stands between the teacher & the mirror while all the other children are behind the teacher. Guess she thinks she knows it all already! LOL She had her 2nd class this Tues.

Also, on Sun, Casey stuck her 1st thing up her nose & we couldnt get it out. She stuck a piece of dog food up her nose. So off to the clinic we went! We were there for 2 hrs before we were seen. By then it was all mushy & wouldnt come out good. So it had to be dug out. 2 people holding her down with the Dr. digging in her nose.

Gosh, I love my child!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Family Pics

Stacey's cousin's wife, Becky does our pics for us. She came to my parents house since my grandma cant ride that far to have our pics done. Here are our family pics. I mean the whole family, all 10 of us. why do people think that they need to look at Casey to make sure she is smiling?? Then they are not looking at the camera. There were plenty of those pics. I am just going to show you some of the best ones. In the pics are me, Stacey, Casey, his mom, Millie, my parents, Sue & Billy, my grandma, my aunt Linda & cousins Brian & Greg. I now know where Stacey gets his "I dont smile in pics." His mom didnt smile in hardly any of the pics. Oh well, here they are. There are 4 generations in my family.


I went to pick Casey up from my mom & dad's yesterday. When I got there, my mom told me that Casey had to be put in time out today. That didnt surprise me. Then she said while she was at the church. Casey had pulled a little girls hair & was dragging her across the room hitting her. Casey is the only child to be put in time out in their class this year. I see many more time outs in her future. Then on the way home she took her shoe off & threw it out the window. I spent 7 min walking up & down the road looking for it. GGGRRRR!!!! and people wonder why I only want 1 child.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This mothers day weekend, Stacey went to see his mom & Casey & I headed off to a friends house, Morgan & Ricky, to ride some horses. I dance with Morgan & her daughter Kaitlynn dances too. Casey was not scared at all. Come to think of it, I dont know of too many things she is scared of. Here she is on Polly, Kaitlynns horse. She is 20 yrs old but still considered pony size.

Casey & Kaitlynn went for a ride together.
Then Casey sat with me.
Then I was off. It has been a while since I rode but I love riding!!

Kaitlynn wanted to swim. Casey jumped in & decided that the water was too cold.

Then it was off for a 4 wheeler ride. We had been there a few hours by now & Casey was getting tired. She never whined though.
Here are some of the other horses that Casey went to pet. She also chased around the chickens!
By the time we left she was tuckered out!! She took a 3 hr nap this day! This is what she made me in school for mothers day. I have no idea what kind of plant this is.
I love this dish rag!! It has her handprint on it! How cute!!! Casey & I went to eat with my parents. Stacey got me a gift card to walmart. I am only in there 2-3 times a week!! I hope everyone had a great mothers day!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


This is Allison. She is like my other daughter. I didnt give birth to her but I am her mom. I have been keeping her since she was born. Here she is getting ready for her prom. She is in the 11th grade. I got to help her with her hair & touch up her make up. Like the pins in her hair?

This would be why she doesnt have a date for the prom. Girl get your finger out of your nose!

the finished product
She came by to see Stacey & Casey before heading off for her big night.

My & my girls!! I cant wait to do these things with Casey! Thankfully Allison lets me have my fun & do these things with her.

Allison & "her daddy" Stacey
Even Millie got a pic.

I am still waiting on her to post her pics so i can steal some, so there may be more added later.