Tuesday, December 30, 2008


if you ask people to wear camo to your funeral. Really!! I was looking thru the obits & saw that a man wanted all hunters to wear their camo. Should I call Jeff Foxworthy?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

20th class reunion

My 20th class reunion was this year. I mainly sat around & talked with people who I talk to anyway. I missed not having my close friends there though. Heck, even my husband got called away thanks to his job & only was there for about 45 min. Oh well, we all still had fun! Here I am with Russell Smith & Jeff Stembridge.

Here is Jon Hixon.

This is Amy. We lived across the street from each other for most of our lives. She is now married to Jeff (see above)

Here is Willie Johnson. We went t0 school together from kindergarden all the way thru high school!

Having a good time cutting up.

Russell & Susan Smith & Jeff

Finally, Stacey made it back from work, just in time to get this pic!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


It finally got here, Christmas day!!! Casey had a great time going to see all her presents. However, she slept in because she was up so late the night before. (see the "other" family post) Here she is on her bounce & spin pony. Here she is in her brand new Jeep. It is remote control now for us parents & she can drive it later. Unfourtantly it was raining & we couldnt take her outside to ride in it.

I think pink is her color.
It even plays music. She loves the music. She needs to learn that she needs to drive with at least 1 hand on the wheel. I wonder where she gets no hands driving from?

Then we went to my parents house. there Casey got a tricycle & an inch worm. If she ever decides to run off there will not be a lack of transportation. Here she is trying out her new wheels.

Doesn't she look so sweet here? Dont let her fool you! LOL

And here she is with her great grammy Morgan.

I think it was a good Christmas for her. She got everything mentioned above plus clothes, books, moo cow bowling, a shape sorter that talks, a wiggles guitar, cabbage patch doll, little people fair, a toothbrush, candy, a boom box, a laugh & learn puppy & i am sure i forgot plenty of things. Everyone had a great Christmas & we hope you did too!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the "other" family

Let me tell you a little about my "other" family. This is my best friend's, Chelsea, mom, Brenda (better known to all little kids as meme shaw). She was born on Christmas Eve & for as long as i can remember there has been LOTS of food at their house on that day. All of her family is there & they adopted me. Actually, i have been there for longer than some of the spouses have. HAPPY BDAY MEME!!
Here is Casey with some of the food.

This is Chelsea's sister Amy. This year she & Casey dressed alike!

Casey & Claire; if you look close they both have fat cheeks. That is because they both have whole hershey kisses in them!

The only pic i got with Casey & Claire & Isabel.

Chelsea Casey & me.

This is how we spent Christmas Eve. Eating, watching kids open a few presents & socializing. We didnt leave thier house until after 9pm, however Casey didnt go to sleep until almost 11pm. So there is Casey with the "other" family.

An early Christmas

The boys got an early Christmas today. They got a package with all kind of goodies in it for them. We were part of an ornament exchange on a doxie board. It is amazing how an ornament exchange turns into this.
Casey helped them open the gifts

This is my ornament. How cute is that?

Look at all this stuff!!!

Hoover took all the squeakies to his window seat to start destryoing them.

Bo went for the food! LOL

Thanks to Tammie, Bella, Hayley Jo & Moonie!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just Relaxing!!

Well, every once in a while, you just need to relax. Here is Bo taking it easy. While Bo lays around, Casey & I went to meet some new frineds. (Well meet them in real life, we talk on line all the time) We met Ceci & her son Ethan at Chuck E Cheese. Casey loved Ethan & wanted to hug him all the time. She ended up tackling him. Poor boy! The kids played & we talked. Here is a video of Casey riding a horse too. I think she is a natural at that!


We helped Stacey’s cousin Joe celebrate his bday. Joe has been battling cancer off & on for around 2 years. I know he would appreciate any prayers you want to send his way. Here is how we celebrated.

More Christmas Pics

So I tried to get some good pics of Casey in front of the Christmas tree. Here is what happened:
eyes closed

Being silly
At least she stood still when i told her to!

Then I told her to be still so i could get a close up. Well, she walked right up to the camera! My silly sweet girl!

Work Christmas party

On 12-17 we had our work Christmas party. There was a lot of food & fun! Here are a few pics from that.

Marilyn & Abby
Erin, Chauncy, me, Allison, Abby & Kendra

Allison & Esther

If you have never played Blurt, you need to. Just be sure that you are louder than the other people that play with you so you can win! A good time was had by all

Lights of the South

We went to the Lights Of the South. Casey loved looking at the lights. Her eyes were so big taking everything in. Here she is with her daddy.

We went on a hayride thru all the lights. It was raining some but it thankfully stopped.

Casey then wanted to play in the gingerbread house.

then get into the carriage.

Before we left Casey & daddy got a pic with frosty!

We usually go to the lights in Charleston SC but we ran out of time & money this year. these lights were nice but Charleston is better. We will be back there next year!