Saturday, February 28, 2009


Well, it has been a while since I updated so here is what is what has been going on in Feb. Mrs. Tara came over with Abby to bring Casey clothes. Casey as usual wanted to love all over Abby who wasn’t real impressed.

Casey spent the night with Grammy & granddad then the next day went with daddy to grannies while mom went to a dance competition. Casey spent the night there too. Then we went to spend a few days with Chelsea & her family while I was in training. We went to a Chinese New Year party & Casey wore one of Claire’s pretty dresses from China. Here are Chelsea’s children & Casey & Isabell. Casey wasn’t real excited to stay with Chelsea while I went to training but she is OK. She even slept in a bed by herself for a nap, why can’t she do this at home? We went shopping too. Casey & Claire rode in the stroller & on a few other toys while I shopped. She liked sitting in the rocking chair & looking at books. She loved the trampoline & the higher you jumped with her the more she liked it. Here are some pics of Chelsea's kids, Casey & Chelsea & a video of Casey on the trampoline.

Then there was Valentines Day. She liked the big balloons she got & playing in the bubbles. Coco wasn’t used to all the excitement & got on the back of the sofa to get away from it.

I started looking around for Casey one day & this is where I found here. Hiding under the table & thinking it was quite funny!! Then I turned around & found Hoover & Coco taking a break from the dachshund races they have up & down the hall. Don’t they look cute together? They play so well & I am so glad!

Casey started saying a few new words like cat, fish & ice. She has said cat a few times but has only said ice & fish once.

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Chelsea Gour said...

This was a great post. I just now saw it though, but I read the ones above it a while back! Oh well! I somehow missed this one and my own kids are in it!