Thursday, May 14, 2009


I went to pick Casey up from my mom & dad's yesterday. When I got there, my mom told me that Casey had to be put in time out today. That didnt surprise me. Then she said while she was at the church. Casey had pulled a little girls hair & was dragging her across the room hitting her. Casey is the only child to be put in time out in their class this year. I see many more time outs in her future. Then on the way home she took her shoe off & threw it out the window. I spent 7 min walking up & down the road looking for it. GGGRRRR!!!! and people wonder why I only want 1 child.

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The Source said...

OK...Casey is just asserting her strong personality! :) It's certainly not her fault if the other kid LETS herself be dragged around by the hair.

Kidding. Casey's antics crack me up. Some time I'll have to tell you about the time my daughter chased the neighbor's son around the yard and beat him with her shoe.