Saturday, May 23, 2009


Just to keep everyone up to date on what Casey does & all her "1st", here is her 1st dance class. She had been going to class with me every once in a while & now she can go to her own class. The class is 45 min but she only stays as long as she wants to, anywhere from 5-30 min. I dont push her, she is just there for fun. Notice she stands between the teacher & the mirror while all the other children are behind the teacher. Guess she thinks she knows it all already! LOL She had her 2nd class this Tues.

Also, on Sun, Casey stuck her 1st thing up her nose & we couldnt get it out. She stuck a piece of dog food up her nose. So off to the clinic we went! We were there for 2 hrs before we were seen. By then it was all mushy & wouldnt come out good. So it had to be dug out. 2 people holding her down with the Dr. digging in her nose.

Gosh, I love my child!

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Chelsea Gour said...

That was soooo cute! The dance, not the dog food up the nose!