Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I get this call one day from some friends who have been at the pound & the shelter (dont ask me why they were there b/c they have 7 dogs & 2 cats) saying that there was a dachshund at the animal shelter. I got on petfinder & looked at all the dogs. I found this dog, Coco, 4 yrs old, who was there b/c his human died & he & his sister were taken to the pound. (If anything ever happens to me someone please take my animals for me-dont let them go to the pound! I am sure they would fit right in at the Gour household) Well, Coco's sister was adopted quick & he was still there. I talked to Stacey about it & we agreed if he went on the urgent list we would go look at him. That time came. We found out that Molly's malitia was going to take him so he wouldnt be put down. I still went to see him & told Stacey that I wanted him. He told me that we weren't going to get him b/c Molly's was taking him. That is what I thought all day & he told me when I got home from work that he had paid for him!!!! What a sad story, your human dies, the family sends you to the pound, your sister leaves you & you are stuck at the pound. I was so happy to hear Stacey say we were getting a new addition. When I got him home, it naturally took a little for him to get comfortable here but he got along with Bo & Hoover. By the end of his 1st night here he was curled up in front of the wood burning stove where the fire was. He gave me lots of kisses & was good with Casey. Here are some pics of him : meeting his brothers
sniffing around the yard
lets get to know each other (also known as butt sniffin')
his 1st treat here, hamburger helper. He was a little thin & you could see his ribs & backbone but I am sure that wont last long.
This was him by the end of his 1st night.

Here he is on his 2nd day here. Fitting right in!


Brianna said...

Aww. Poor Coco. He's cute though. If anything happens to you, I will take your dogs. :)

The Source said...

He's adorable! I love him! So glad he found a good home.