Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, I realized i havent updated what Casey is doing now. She can stand & jump, she runs everywhere (she has been doing this for a while but she has gotten a lot faster!), she calls everyone mama, she says oof (dog), mama, uh-oh, ball, hot & un-uh (no), hi ya, tata (thank you) & bye. she is not a big talker but she has been on the move for over a year. I guess that is how she got so fast. She still signs more, please, & all done a lot. She points & grunts at everything. She can go up & down 2-3 stairs without holding onto anything. She is a daredevil! She is not afraid of anything. She understands what you are saying & sometimes she does what you ask her to. She knows how to do some clogging steps, heel, toe back (sometimes) & run, run, run. I am sure there is a lot more that she that is new but it seems so normal to me that I dont remember.

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