Saturday, March 14, 2009


GRAB YOUR FRIENDS & GO TO MONKEY JOES!!!! Here Casey is with Joe.

For those of you who dont know what a Monkey Joes is, they have inflatable jumping, climbing sliding things!! It is GREAT!!!! I love taking Casey. It wears us both out but it is soooo worth it!

This is Autumn. She is 1 month younger than Casey. She had never been to Monkey Joes. She wasnt too sure what to do.Casey jumped right in there & showed Autumn what to do. See Autumn, you climb all over this big green thing! Then we grab momma & go to that big slide thing over there! She has to carry us up it but it sure is fun coming down! (says Casey)

I think from this pic you can say that Autumn got the hang of things pretty quick! This is one of the biggest slides in the place & being the big girls they are can come down it all by themselves. See Autumn, you can push on this big red thing too or sit on it & even if you fall off it doesn't hurt! Just get up & get moving again! RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN, YOU CANT CATCH ME I AM THE GINGERBREAD MAN!!

After 1 1/2 hrs at Monkey Joes it was off to McDonalds. MMMMMMMMM is what Casey says. Nuggets & fries.
Brennen being the ham. He had never been to Monkey Joes either but had a great time.

Sharing ketchupThis is Autumn telling her mom who showed her a bunch of new things today. (that would be me that she is pointing to). Autumn had never 1) been to Monkey Joes, 2) had ketchup, she loved it! 3) had Dr. Pepper, she didnt want her milk after that & 4) she had never had the caramel that came with the apples for dipping at McDonalds. Who says i am not a good influence????Casey can share when she wants to. She was trying to give Autumen some Dr. Pepper out of the straw like i was.
After all this we had 3 tired children & 2 tired mommas!! I know that Casey & I went home for a 2 hr nap. I just wish this place wasnt 25 min away b/c we would be there a lot more. I guess there is something to say about Casey perfecting her jumping by jumping on the beds all the time.


Brianna said...

Christian talks about Monkey Joes all the time because his friends go there and his school took a feild trip there or something. But I had no idea what Monkey Joes was until now. It sounded like ChuckEChesse or something. :)

The Source said...

I'm glad y'all had a good time! Do you know we have never even taken our twins to Chuck E. Cheese?? We're mean, I guess. I'm not sure they even know it exists. LOL

Chelsea Gour said...

That place looks like serious fun for toddlers....and a festival for germs! I hate Chuck E Cheese and places like it. But, we have a Ready Set Jump, which is like monkey Joes and we've been...against my better judgement. And, you are so too a very bad influnce!!!! Especially when it comes to food....or that stuff you eat that you call food.