Thursday, April 16, 2009


Casey went to her 1st live show. It was Disney live. This was the week before Easter but i have been too busy to post here. Here she is with her daddy before the show started eating popcorn.
This is what happened when the show started
Handy Manny

The family at intermission.

Just watching the show. she did pretty good, she got a little restless around intermission but calmed down again after a little break.
More popcorn, MMMMMMMM
All the disney people

she was tuckered out on the way home. Doesnt she look comfy?


Chelsea Gour said...

So cool! And I LOVE the monkey background you found. I saw it the day before you put it up and was going to call you and tell you to go get it! Great minds think alike!

Chelsea Gour said...

Oh, and the bunny pictures are GREAT!