Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here Casey is dying eggs for the 1st time. I tried to tell her not to use her hands but that didnt work. She also liked to drop the eggs in the cups causing them to crack. Oh well!! We had fun!!

Here she is at an egg hunt at church. Look, i think she found one!!

Here she is on the way back to the Church with grammy & grandad.

With her basket of eggs.

Then the next morning was Easter. Look what the Easter bunny brought!!!

MMMMM, he knows what kind of candy momma likes, I guess he figures Casey likes it too.

Casey can put these clubs to good use & learn how to play golf & make lots of money!! LOL
This is the kind of face I get when she is being silly.

We went to Church. Here is Casey with her friend Catie who was born in May prior to Casey being born in June.
Here is Casey at my parents house. She got some candy.
HHHHMMMM, lets see what else is in the basket.

Casey likes to take pics. She thinks she is supposed to have the camera now if anyone is taking pics. She didnt want to give up the camera for pics.

The dress Casey is wearing is one my mom made for me.

Looking for more eggs at home.
We went to see great grandma that evening.

Casey wanted to take some pics. She did pretty good on some of them.

And some werent so good! LOL

Nice fan hu?
Here I am relaxing & visiting.We do hope everyone had a GREAT EASTER!

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The Source said...

She's too cute! Pretty good photography skills for her age, too.