Saturday, April 18, 2009

Millie, mom, granny

That is what she is called. Right now she is being called irritable because she wants out of the hospital. She fell the middle of March & broke her wrist. That made her depressed. She lost over 10 lbs in a month (which she couldnt afford to loose). When she went to the Dr. they put her in the hospital for slight dehydration & a blood transfusion due to low iron. That was on Mon. On tues she was sent to Greenwood for an upper GI & to have her throat stretched. They admitted her b/c she had a bleeding ulcer. She is soooooo ready to come home. So we could use some good thoughts / prayers that she will get out soon & stay well!


Audreee said...

Awe. She will be in my prayers.

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

:o) My prayers too!

The Source said...

Poor Granny! I hope she's on the mend and HOME very soon! She'll be in our prayers!