Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We are the Prince family. Stacey thinks he is a prince & Michelle & Casey think they are Princess'.

This is Stacey. (dad) DOB 9-18-67 he works for the Sheriff's office as an investigator. hopefully he will be retiring in a few years. He spends weekends at his mom's house helping her out & doing whatever she needs (when she isnt staying with us). Those who know Stacey well will appreciate this picture!

This is me Michelle (mama) DOB 9-25-70 I dont look like that anymore. My hair is much shorter but that is the last pic i have of me by myself. I am a social worker & a member of a clogging class. We perform & compete. This what i look like now with my little monkey, well here she is a poodle, at halloween. just to let you know, i am not big on capital letters, so if that bothers you, quit reading now. yes, i do know when & how to use them, but i often dont.

This is Casey. DOB 6-21-7 (monkey, wee wee, wee one, rotten) She will be the only human child in this house. She is one spoiled child by everyone!! even though she doesnt say much, she sure gets her point across by pointing & grunting. she spends most of her days with her grandparents since both sides keep her while mom & dad work. now do you see why she is so spoiled?

This is Bocephus, Bo for short. DOB 5-2-97 He is a semi long haired Dachshund. He is a relaxed fellow & always has been. he is even more so now as he is older. he watches out for Casey & runs when he sees her coming. not that he doesnt like her, he loves her when she is feeding him. Casey is a little rough with him & he just wants to be left alone.

This is Hoover DOB 3-21-6 he is a miniature dapple dachshund. he is like Casey, wide open. He & Casey like to play tug of war together. I think he is more rotten than Bo is. However, they are both spoiled, just like Casey.

Well, i guess that is about it for now.


Bridget said...

What a beautiful family you have!! I can't wait to read more about you!
Bridget (fellow Jiving June Junkie)

The Source said...

OK...Stacey looks familiar...where did he grow up? I didn't know you clogged! My oldest loved corn on the cob...he'd scream if we took the nasty, gummed up cob away from him. I love the poodle outfit! And the doggies are precious. I think they need to meet Lucy. She could stand to give away a little hyperness.

Nicole said...

Keep going with your blog, it is so much fun to read.