Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas pics- what a joy

So, after going to court this morning, then rushing to a funeral (RIP Lt. Michael Frank) we had our christmas pics done. Casey was irritable for most of the pics but here are a few.
the last ones are 1st. thankfully it is family that takes these pics & works with us. Casey was happy once she found the horse!

Why do we have to see your underware?

this is what we worked with most of the time! LOL

Casey went & got the wagon from the other room. hey, if it makes her happy!

not too bad of us.

Casey was dancing

more dancing

Can you say she wasnt a happy camper by the time we were thru? great family pic hu?

Oh well! MERRY CHRISTMAS anyway!


Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

I love the 2nd one down, the one of you and Casey and the one of the three of you with the fireplace in the background! I think they turned out great. You should see our Christmas photo shoot...try doing it with FIVE kids!

Bridget said...

Those are so cute!

The Source said...

Oh they're ALL adorable! She's too cute to take a bad picture. I love the pouty face in the last one, though. My fave pic ever of my oldest is at that age...pouting at the camera because he DIDN'T want to pose. I had just spent an hour wrestling his little self into the outfit and he sreamed the entire time. Good times!

Brianna Ryan said...

Casey is ADORABLE!!!

Mama S said...

Your Christmas pictures are great! Also enjoyed the little short videos. Look forward to seeing you'll on Christmas Eve. I'm sure you know by now that Chelsea and Paul will be here on Christmast Eve. See you then. Mama Shaw

Nicole said...

Your pictures are great.
Casey is adorable.