Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the "other" family

Let me tell you a little about my "other" family. This is my best friend's, Chelsea, mom, Brenda (better known to all little kids as meme shaw). She was born on Christmas Eve & for as long as i can remember there has been LOTS of food at their house on that day. All of her family is there & they adopted me. Actually, i have been there for longer than some of the spouses have. HAPPY BDAY MEME!!
Here is Casey with some of the food.

This is Chelsea's sister Amy. This year she & Casey dressed alike!

Casey & Claire; if you look close they both have fat cheeks. That is because they both have whole hershey kisses in them!

The only pic i got with Casey & Claire & Isabel.

Chelsea Casey & me.

This is how we spent Christmas Eve. Eating, watching kids open a few presents & socializing. We didnt leave thier house until after 9pm, however Casey didnt go to sleep until almost 11pm. So there is Casey with the "other" family.


The Source said...

It's so nice that y'all have been so close all these years!

Brianna said...

Aww, I missed it. Looks like y'all had a good time, though.
Love ya, merry christmas!