Thursday, December 25, 2008


It finally got here, Christmas day!!! Casey had a great time going to see all her presents. However, she slept in because she was up so late the night before. (see the "other" family post) Here she is on her bounce & spin pony. Here she is in her brand new Jeep. It is remote control now for us parents & she can drive it later. Unfourtantly it was raining & we couldnt take her outside to ride in it.

I think pink is her color.
It even plays music. She loves the music. She needs to learn that she needs to drive with at least 1 hand on the wheel. I wonder where she gets no hands driving from?

Then we went to my parents house. there Casey got a tricycle & an inch worm. If she ever decides to run off there will not be a lack of transportation. Here she is trying out her new wheels.

Doesn't she look so sweet here? Dont let her fool you! LOL

And here she is with her great grammy Morgan.

I think it was a good Christmas for her. She got everything mentioned above plus clothes, books, moo cow bowling, a shape sorter that talks, a wiggles guitar, cabbage patch doll, little people fair, a toothbrush, candy, a boom box, a laugh & learn puppy & i am sure i forgot plenty of things. Everyone had a great Christmas & we hope you did too!

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The Source said...

OK I wonder if the inch worm comes in a larger size? Cause that would be a perfect ride for Darling Daughter. She turns 16 this summer and an inch worm would be much safer than a truck! Plus, it's lime green. Her favorite color!

Casey is adorable and it looks like she had a terrific Christmas! So let us know about the reunion...did you have fun?