Friday, December 19, 2008

Casey & Santa

I found a Santa at a store & we could use our camera to take pics, my favorite kind FREE!!!!! she did really good & i got a few good pics.

oh yeah, tell me how you like her dress, $8.00 off ebay! that was with shipping! i love ebay!!
so now all we have to do is sit back & wait for santa to come in just a few days.
oh yeah, i was on the way to work a few days ago & almost ran off the road when i saw santa getting gas, no he wasnt giving it to his reindeer, he was putting it in a car. i guess the reindeer were resting & this was probably just one of santa's helpers since we all know the big guy is at the north pole getting all those presents ready for all our good little girls & boys!

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Paul and Chelsea Gour said...

I love it! The dress and the pictures. I wish I had a fee Santa, I just dropped $25 at the mall for pictures and Claire didn't even smile!